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Sage 50cloud Payroll has been created to make payroll simple for everyone from payroll professionals, to first timers.

See how you can take control over your payroll data, drive business decisions with real-time reports, and empower employees by giving them access to documents and services online.

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Stay up-to-date with payroll legislation

We’re dedicated to helping you stay ahead of changing payroll legislation. That’s why 99.9% of our submissions to HMRC are successful. In this mini tour, we’ll show give you a few examples of the kinds of checks that come with Sage 50cloud Payroll.

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Do payroll your way

We believe that software should fit around the way you like to work, not the other way around. Sage 50cloud Payroll is flexible enough to support hundreds of different ways of doing payroll. In this mini tour, we’ve picked out a few of the features that allow you to do payroll your way.

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Going above and beyond…

Sick of unresolved payroll queries? Can’t wait for someone to call you back at a time that suits them? Take this mini tour to find out how Sage 50cloud Payroll ensures you always have the answers at your fingertips.

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Gain powerful business insights

There’s a crucial link between your payroll data and your ability to make informed business decisions. After all, this is a key part of your financial reporting. Take the insights tour to see how Sage 50cloud Payroll makes financial reporting run like clockwork.

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Connect to employees

How many hours do you spend digging out payslips and P60s for employees? Are you confident that your payslips are delivered securely to everyone in the business?

Sage 50cloud Payroll can help with both of these challenges. Digital payslips are included at no extra cost, putting employees in charge of their own documents and minimising the chances of mix ups when you’re delivering payslips.

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It’s easy to switch to Sage 50cloud Payroll

Take this mini tour to see how you can import your data from your previous payroll software, without having to manually re-type any data.

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