Where are you in your journey to becoming a great SaaS Partner?

We invite you to understand the impact of success for partners at different stages in their transformation journey. Learn how Measuring Success, Customer Success, and Differentiating for Success require different approaches at each step towards becoming a great SaaS partner. Whether you are pre-cloud, in the process of cloud transformation, or maximising the benefits of a thriving SaaS business, understanding the principles of measurement, customer-focus and differentiation, will see your business grow and deliver the success it deserves.

Becoming a great SaaS Partner

In this webinar you will learn steps to partner transformation and the key focus area for partners at each stage.

How your maturity in the journey relates to how to maximise success and what to focus on for Measuring, Customer and Differentiating for success.

You will walk away with a better understanding of your stage in the journey and an action list of priorities to focus on now and across 2020.


Magaret Adam
AVP, European Services, Channels and Alliances Ecosystems

Margaret is responsible for driving IDC’s research, innovation and thought leadership agenda in services and partnering ecosystems. This includes identifying next-generation services partners and channels, advising on innovative practices and understanding the implications and opportunities that digital transformation presents to services vendors and the broader partnering ecosystem.