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Nobody said achieving your ambition is easy. The good news is we’ve helped more than three million customers like you grow their businesses and thrive. We can help manage your talent and your business finances, find new customers, reduce costs, grow revenue and have peace of mind that your software is 100% compliant.

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Manage your entire business with Sage. Get actionable financial insights, spot new opportunities, manage your people and payments, while ensuring 100% legislative compliance.
Accounting & ERP HR & Payroll Payments

Run a smarter, more connected, data driven business.

Manage your entire business with our accounting and business management software. Our market proven solutions will help you gain actionable financial insights, spot new opportunities and boost collaboration. You will also have the tools you need to simplify complex processes that help your business stay productive, agile and competitive.
  • Simplified business management with a wide range of features and functionality
  • Advanced reporting for fast, effective decisions with a 360-degree view of your business
  • Scalable, allowing to add and adopt greater functionality as your business grows
  • Improved team collaboration with integrated CRM functionality
  • Backed by an extensive national service and support infrastructure

Increase productivity, drive growth & empower your people.

Run your business, your way with transformative, easy to use and fully compliant desktop and cloud software. With Sage HR & Payroll, you can automate and streamline your payroll processes and calculations – removing payroll stress and empowering your greatest asset, your people.
  • Secure, stable platforms with an intuitive user interface
  • Advanced reporting for real-time decision making
  • Constant statutory updates, empowering you to remain compliant
  • Easy to use, with intuitive applications for all levels
  • Specialised integrated modules, backed by years of experience

Secure payments on time, every time.

Sage Pay is a simple and secure payment solution that empowers you to do more business on the go, offering you a seamless way to move money in and out of your business. Whatever your business size or needs we have a secure payment solution for you.
  • Your Sage Pay account integrates seamlessly with your Sage Accounting and Payroll software solutions
  • We process millions of secure payment transactions on behalf of our clients each month
  • A Sage Pay account gives you access to incoming and outgoing payment services which include debit order collections, eCommerce payment facilities, invoice payments, salary and supplier payments
  • We won’t tie you into any fixed or long-term agreements

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The quick guide to Payroll compliance

Advice from experts on how to manage and maintain Payroll compliance.
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Executive strategies to grow your business

The IDG report explores strategies to over-come the hurdles standing in the way of business growth.
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