Accuracy, Visibility, Optimization

With growth comes complexity. As manufacturers increase capacity, grow their workforce, and expand into new areas of opportunity, they also lose visibility into their production processes. Data silos restrict access to strategic information while eroding trust. The proliferation of unintegrated management tools and spreadsheets creates bottlenecks. An incomplete picture of inventory and demand makes accurate forecasting next to impossible. The result is missed opportunity, decreased efficiency, and increased costs.

Sage Production Management gives discrete make to stock manufacturers and fabricators the tools they need to achieve end-to-end visibility into their entire production process. By centralizing the production process in a way that is tightly integrated with Sage 100cloud, assemblers, manufacturers, and fabricators always know their costs, the status of items, and the material quantities required to meet demand.

Attend this webcast to learn:
  1. What is Sage Production Management?
  2. How does Sage Production Management differ from legacy Work Order and MRP modules?
  3. What are current plans to enhance Sage Production Management in future releases?