A Futurealist designs tomorrow today.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management enables large businesses to remain competitive by embracing change and innovation at speed. Sage helps to quickly and effectively transform how large businesses work, with faster, more intuitive, and better tailored solutions than conventional ERP.


You accept things for what they are and deal with them in a practical way. You have a firm grasp on reality and believe that facts determine the truth. You don’t hope for more than what is possible or likely, and you view all sides of an issue objectively. You’re pragmatic, but cautious. Colleagues describe you as sensible and rational.
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You study current trends and make your own predictions about the future. You have a sense for what’s coming next and you’re enthusiastic about the possibilities. You’re a critical thinker but don’t mind uncertainty. You understand what you should be doing today to design a better tomorrow. Colleagues describe you as intuitive and creative.
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You have a different attitude to what’s possible. You confront reality head-on, you lead change in fear-based environments, and you don’t accept things for the way they are. Rather, you envision a better way and you make it happen. You believe the unbelievable and achieve the unachievable – and you inspire others to do the same. Colleagues describe you as courageous and instinctive.
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Futurealist on big data

For the Futurealist, any BI project is ultimately about empowering teams to better serve customers and is as much about people development as technology enablement.
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