Access Insight. Gain Efficiency. Save Time.

Add strategy to your communications with Sage 200cloud and Microsoft Office 365. Real-time access gives your team key information to deliver better customer service and the power to make knowledge-based decisions.

When your sales representatives are on the road, they often lack the essential data they need to prepare for and close vital deals with customers on site. It also means more time spent on admin when they get back to the office.

Boost your prospects with key client information delivered directly to your sales reps' mobile device or laptop. Meaning more time spent with clients and real time information accessible on the go via Microsoft Office 365.

Close deals with current data

Your team can now note meeting input and critical changes as they happen, so there's no need to remember every field detail.

And, with the information relayed right back to the office, it can be put to use immediately.

Download our infographic to discover how your sales team can sell smarter with key accounts data in the field.

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