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Sage Business Cloud offers all you need to you grow your business and achieve your ambitions. Issue invoices in seconds, take care of VAT, get paid faster, and sort payroll easily. Accounting, Payroll and Payments are all part of the Sage Business Cloud offering.

No more late night invoicing

Reduce data entry and save time on your accounting and payroll.

No more spreadsheets

Reduce manual bookkeeping and avoid mistakes by automating your admin.

No more deadline panics

Submit your tax returns in a few simple steps.

No more payroll slip ups

Pay your staff accurately and on time - every time.

No more cash flow panics

See at a glance what money is coming in and out of your business.

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Overview Easy invoices and expenses Real-time dashboards Always compliant Connect your bank Stock management


Take the hassle and complexity out of accounting with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Create and send invoices in seconds, reduce manual admin, and manage your VAT with ease.

Easy invoices and expenses

Speed up your daily to-dos, like invoicing and expense tracking with intuitive and easy to use features, and a mobile app so you can stay on top of your finances on the move.

Real-time dashboards

Keep your financial status at your fingertips with a real-time view of your cash flow on any device. Track expenses and see how much your customers owe at-a-glance.

Always compliant

Sage Business Cloud Accounting helps you stay on top of the latest rules and regulations for your business, keeping you accurate and compliant. This includes being ready for GDPR that is coming in 2018.

Connect your bank

See bank transactions flow into your accounts and automatically match up to your invoices - saving up to 80% of your admin time compared to manual entry, with perfect data straight from the bank.

Stock management

Sage Business Cloud Accounting loves product-based businesses like retail and eCommerce. Track and manage stock inflows and outflows easily, saving time and streamlining your business.


Overview Simple Accurate Fast Secure Compliant


With Sage Business Cloud Payroll you can pay your people accurately in just a few minutes - saving you valuable time. Mobile access means you can do your payroll from anywhere in 4 easy steps, and built-in compliance and 24-hour support make it both worry and pain-free.


By taking care of payroll complexities for you - Sage Business Cloud Payroll frees you to focus on activities to help you reach your business goals.


Give your people the best experience time after time. For absolute accuracy, Sage Business Cloud Payroll offers a quick and easy, four-step pay run with automated calculations and error-correcting tools.


Fit payroll around your busy schedule with Sage Business Cloud Payroll. Fast and simple to use, even if you've never done it before, you can also do your payroll on the move - on your tablet or smartphone.


With Sage Business Cloud Payroll, you can deliver secure, password-protected payslips to your people by email, ensuring that sensitive, pay-related data is always kept private and protected.


Protect your business against fines and other penalties with Sage Business Cloud Payroll. It's 100% compliant with tax and other regulations, providing you with greater peace of mind.


Overview Salary payments Supplier payments Pay Now Risk Reports Reconcile Sage Product Integration


Simple, secure, and reliable solution to keep payments running smoothly, saving you time and money with reduced transaction fees.

Salary payments

Our Dated payments service ensures that all payments reflect on the same date in the beneficiaries’ account, irrespective of where the bank account is held.

Supplier payments

Capture recurring and once-off supplier payments online to all South African banks and account types with your Sage Pay account.

Pay Now

Use our Pay Now service to accept eCommerce and invoice payments as well as to easily request payment via SMS or email. Offer your clients more ways to pay you, including Instant EFT, Bank EFT, credit card, cash payments, MasterPass™, and Visa Checkout.

Risk Reports

A wide range of information is available on companies and individuals using our credit checks. The information is sourced from CIPC and multiple credit bureaus including Transunion, Experian, XDS, and Compuscan.


One comprehensive Sage Pay statement can be downloaded to automate your reconciliation of payments made and received.

Sage Product Integration

Sage Pay is conveniently integrated into certain versions of Sage payroll and accounting products, as well as Sage Online Tools, which bring value-added benefits to your payments experience.

Over 3 million customers

24/7 support

Bank-level security

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